Minecraft 1.5.2 Single Player Commands 1.5.2

Single Player Commands 1.5.2 – Download Minecraft 1.5.2 Single Player Commands. This mods we need to easy play minecraft! yes SPC 1.5.2 can make we easy to customize minecraft. Single Player Commands 1.5.2, a 100 mods in 1! More like a thousand! This mod has all the tool and commands a minecraft-er would need! From spawning to deleting, running and flying, healing and killing and even EXPLODING! This mods name doesn’t say much, but it doesn’t have to. Single Player Commands is a very very popular mod! It would still be popular even if it’s named SPC or Single Player Commands 1.5.2


Single Player Commands 1.5.2 Mod

Single Player Commands for Minecraft turns you into an all powerful deity. This is how things get DONE. If you’ve ever seen those incredible Minecraft creation builds, there’s a good a very good chance that they were utilizing commands to accomplish the various tasks. It just makes life so much easier when you have far better things to worry about than, well, doing everything the hard way. So guys i think Single Player Commands 1.5.2 its very imfortant to us.

Single Player Commands 1.5.2 Install and Download

Installations :

  1. Start menu and go to run
  2. Type in %appdata%
  3. Browse to .minecraft/bin
  4. Open minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7Zip
  5. Drag all the necessary files into minecraft.jar
  6. Delete “META-INF” folder
  7. Finished

Download Single Player Commands 1.5.2 Installer

Single Player Commands 1.5.2 to Open the command console press “T”

  • Achievement, basically unlocks your achievement without you doing anything.
  • Firedamage on/off, this is one of the commands that could turn you into the “Ghost rider”
  • Health, your talking about cheats? you forget this your doomed “god mode”.
  • Instantkill, most people preffer it called a “One Hit KO”
  • Maxstack [ITEMID|ITEMNAME|all] [STACKSIZE], if you ever think about stacking swords.. this should do it
  • Setjump [JUMP|reset], have you ever watched “jumper” this command is the key to do so

Thank to simo_415 for Makes this awesoem mod yeah is it called Single Player Commands 1.5.2

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